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New Featured Artist at Duval: Linda Kimble

By June 24, 2017Uncategorized

The paintings of Austin artist Linda Kimble are currently on display at Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Duval. Much of Ms. Kimble’s work consists of abstract art in muted colors, some featuring bold, geometric shapes and others blending together mistier, fuzzier images. She has also painted a series of colorful, peaceful longhorns and cows and has lately been working on a series called Austin Asphalt, which incorporates patterns she finds in the pavement of the streets near her home. As her personal website notes, Ms. Kimble was born on her family’s farm in Iowa, where she “gained an early appreciation for landscapes, animals and nature. When most saw cattle and grain fields, she saw colors and textures.” Ms. Kimble mostly works with acrylic on canvas. Her art will be on display at Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Duval through July 16.

You can view more of her paintings at http://lindakimble.com.