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Paintings by Cameron Petri Now Showing at Westgate

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The paintings of local artist Cameron Petri are currently on display at Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Westgate. Petri, who is also a cartoonist and graphic designer, paints landscapes, animals, and more. Each image communicates a striking feeling, whether it’s the mood of the animal subject or the artist’s state of mind while surrounded by a given environment. You won’t want to miss this beautiful, introspective showing, so come in now through May 21 to view Cameron Petri’s work alongside the paintings of fellow Austin artist John Kuehne at Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Westgate!


You can see more of Cameron Petri’s art at http://cameronpetri.com/.

John Kuehne’s Artwork on Display at Westgate

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The work of Austin artist John Kuehne is now on display at Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Westgate. Mr. Kuehne paints landscapes, still lifes, and figures in a soft, muted style that borders on Impressionism. He states on his website, “I paint and draw from life. I am interested in the particular rather than the universal. My subjects are not meant to be symbolic of anything. They are just themselves.” This characteristic specificity shines through in Mr. Kuehne’s paintings; each one takes an ordinary moment or everyday object and captures its unique character and grace. His paintings will show through May 21 alongside the art of fellow Austinite Cameron Petri, so come in to Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Westgate soon to view these unique works!
You can view more of John Kuehne’s art at https://kuehne.wordpress.com/.

Cumberbatch Sweet Tater Torte

New at Hyde Park on Duval: Cumberbatch Sweet Tater Torte!

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(photo from Cumberbatch Sweet Tater Torte)

In honor of both Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and a longtime friendship, Hyde Park Bar & Grill on Duval will offer slices of Cumberbatch Sweet Tater Torte this week for $4.50 a slice.

Described by Austin American Statesman food writer Addie Broyles as “unique …The cakelike crust on the bottom and top envelop a sweet, smooth and buttery sweet potato filling,” the torte is handmade with love by Jennifer Cumberbatch. In the 1980’s, Jennifer’s husband Ashton played basketball at Enfield Park with Hyde Park Bar & Grill founder Bick Brown. The 3 cooked up the idea of Jennifer using Hyde Park’s commercial kitchen to make her tortes, which are, in her words “baked from the heart: it is memory, a tribute to those who have gone before, love emanating from the work of my hands, and an ode to family fellowship and the community table.”

After a few years of Jennifer baking the pies, and Hyde Park selling them by the slice while she sold the whole, life took another turn for the Cumberbatches and they put Jennifer’s pie business on the back burner in favor of leading a congregation.

But life has a way of coming full circle, especially when it comes to pies. So when Addie Broyles asked Bick about an article she was writing about Jennifer Cumberbatch’s return to sweet potato torte making, a phone call between Jennifer and Bick stirred their interest in having the tasty, historically-based dessert once again at Hyde Park Bar & Grill.

Come & get some of this beautiful lady’s Sweet Tater Torte!Jennifer Cumberbatch with tortes copyright Jennifer Cumberbatch

(photo from Cumberbatch Sweet Tater Torte)


What’s Your Austin Story?

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How did YOU become an Austinite? In a town where hundreds of people are moving to our city each week, everyone’s got an “Austin Story.” What’s YOUR story?


Did you come for the music? The IT opportunities? The start-up culture? By complete accident? Whether you planned your move to Austin or you arrived (and stayed!) by serendipity, tell us how YOU got to Austin! Share your story on our Hyde Park WESTGATE Facebook page or our Hyde Park DUVAL Facebook page– the best story (voted by most ‘likes’ ) wins a Hyde Park Bar & Grill Gift Card!
(Contest ends 1/7/16)


FYI on Open Carry

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With all due respect to those who may feel otherwise, the comfort and safety of our customers is our highest concern.

Therefore, we join with our fellow Austin Original businesses including Kerbey Lane, Taco Deli, Trudy’s, Franklin’s BBQ, and Amy’s Ice Cream in prohibiting open carry of firearms at all Hyde Park Bar & Grill establishments.

Fork in the Bluebonnets Pictures

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During April (peak bluebonnet season), we gave a $10 gift card to everyone who sent in a photo with a Fork in the Bluebonnets and told us something they like about Hyde Park.

Thanks to everyone who sent in a photo!

These are some of our favorite entries.

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Submitted by Daniel A.Thing I love about Hyde Park Bar & Grill: “I love the cozy feel of Hyde Park Bar & Grill on Duval…

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