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National Red Wine Day is October 15th

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National Red Wine Day is October 15th

Celebrate with Hyde Park Bar & Grill by coming by either one of our locations to enjoy a glass of wine from our fantastic wine selection. CLICK INTERESTED on the event for a chance to WIN dinner for two on National Wine Day!


New Featured Artist at Duval: Linda Kimble

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The paintings of Austin artist Linda Kimble are currently on display at Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Duval. Much of Ms. Kimble’s work consists of abstract art in muted colors, some featuring bold, geometric shapes and others blending together mistier, fuzzier images. She has also painted a series of colorful, peaceful longhorns and cows and has lately been working on a series called Austin Asphalt, which incorporates patterns she finds in the pavement of the streets near her home. As her personal website notes, Ms. Kimble was born on her family’s farm in Iowa, where she “gained an early appreciation for landscapes, animals and nature. When most saw cattle and grain fields, she saw colors and textures.” Ms. Kimble mostly works with acrylic on canvas. Her art will be on display at Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Duval through July 16.

You can view more of her paintings at http://lindakimble.com.


Hyde Park Bar & Grill “Authentic Austin” $1000 Scholarship

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  • Hyde Park Bar & Grill “Authentic Austin” $1000 Scholarship


    FOR: 2017 High school graduates accepted to, or attending post-secondary education in Austin, TX (College or University, Trade or Technical School)

    Submissions accepted May 28th, 2017 — June 30, 2017

    Recipient selected July 15th, 2017

    As Austinites, we’re fortunate to live in a unique place. As an Authentic Austin business, Hyde Park Bar & Grill has seen Austin change drastically over our 35 year. Even in your lifetime, If you grew up in Austin, you’ve probably seen the city you live in grow and change. But the soul of Austin remains unique. And it’s up to you to keep it that way!


    Write 500 words or less about one of the following topics:

    • What “authentic Austin” experience have you had that’s shaped you into the person you are today?
    • Austin Comes of Age: What will keep Austin authentic in the coming decade?


    • Submit essay by June 30, 2017 at 11:59pm via WOOBOX promotion through filling out the form HERE: http://woobox.com/hkz98u

Include your contact information somewhere on your essay (full name, mailing address, email address, and phone number) and where you are pursuing post-secondaryeducation.

    • Scholarship is open to students who are graduating high school in 2017.
    • Scholarship is open to students who will be attending college, university, technical school, or trade school.
    • Hyde Park Bar & Grill management and staff will choose the winner from among all qualified entrants.
    • Employees of Hyde Park Bar & Grill and their relatives are ineligible to enter.

    Submissions will be judged on creativity, sincerity, and readability. The recipient will be selected on July 15th, 2017, and the winner will be notified via email or phone.

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us via email at HydeParkBarAndGrill@gmail.com.


Trish Sierer’s Artwork Now on Display at Westgate

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Local artist Trish Sierer’s works can now be viewed in the main display space at Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Westgate. After working extensively in jewelry design, Ms. Sierer began drawing in pen and ink, and she also does Japanese wood block art. These pieces, which are mostly black and white, seem to highlight the space in and around the various shapes and lines that make up each image, and the contrast strikingly with the artist’s digital prints, which seem to leap off the surface in bright colors. Ms. Sierer prides herself on using high quality materials, and she states online, “My work tends to be abstract with inspiration coming from patterns I see in nature. The symmetry of palm leaves to the complexity of plants under a microscope [sic].”

Trish Sierer’s pen-and-ink drawings and digital prints will hang at Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Westgate through June 25. To see more of her artwork, visit https://www.trishsierer.com/.

Sally Fraser’s Work Now Showing on the Island at Westgate

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Local artist Sally Fraser’s paintings are now on display in the island space at Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Westgate. Ms. Fraser works in a variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, cold wax, and mixed media. Much of her art is abstract, but she also paints landscapes, flowers and plants, and human figures. “I paint with my head, my heart, and my hand,” Ms. Fraser says on her website. She enjoys working with texture and layering, and she frequently paints with a palette knife instead of a brush. If you’re looking to enjoy a wide range of subjects, mediums, and color schemes (as well as some delicious food), visit Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Westgate and check out Sally Fraser’s unique works. They’ll be on display through July 1.

To see more of Ms. Fraser’s art, visit http://sallyfraserfineart.com/.

Mother’s Day Brunch

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Mother’s Day Brunch | Hyde Park Bar & Grill

May 14, 2017 10:30am-3pm


Come into either Hyde Park Bar & Grill location this Mother’s Day (May 14th, heads up!) from 10:30-3pm to celebrate Mom! Brunch + Full Menu available!


****ENTER TO WIN***** 1 of 5 Mother’s Day “Austin Original Mom” Gift Basket with prizes from Austin Original businesses!

Basket includes Gift cards from Hyde Park Bar & Grill, a gift card to Copeland Jewelers, candy from Lammes and flowers from Ben White Florist. Your mom is an original, and her Mother’s Day should be, too! WINNERS WILL BE NOTIFIED VIA EMAIL BY 5pm ON MAY 12th!
ENTER HERE: http://woobox.com/2svcp8




Art Party | Ann Flemings & Mary Jo Kennard | Monday, May 22, 5-7 PM

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The work of local artists Ann Flemings and Mary Jo Kennard is now up on the walls at Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Duval!

Ms. Flemings, who has been painting since age seven, is now in her second year of working full-time as an artist. Her website describes her as “an acrylic painter who loves creating abstract art inspired by the natural world.” She is known for textured landscape and quilted-mosaic imagery, as well as linear geometric pieces that represent “an attempt to bring order to [her] life.” Recently, she has begun applying digital techniques to her geometric paintings.

Ms. Kennard is inspired to paint by looking at the work of artists from previous generations as well as her contemporaries, and she draws upon elements from those works to create her own unique images. “The paint quality, color, and composition are what it’s all about in my work,” she states on her website. “The subject matter can be anything, using whatever I have on hand or see out my window.” Ms. Kennard’s paintings depict interiors, landscapes, flowers, still lifes, and human figures; recently, she has been working on a series of large paintings of doors.

The artwork of Ann Flemings and Mary Jo Kennard will be on display at Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Duval through June 4. An Art Party is scheduled for May 22 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. Join us for the Art Party, or come in another time to see the breadth and depth of these talented Austin artists!

You can see more of Ann Flemings’s work at http://flemingsart.com/ and more of Mary Jo Kennard’s work at http://www.maryjokennard.com/index.html.