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Artwork by Charlotte Clark & Jane Fier Now Showing at Westgate

By September 20, 2017Art, Community

The work of Austin artists Charlotte Clark and Jane Fier is now showing at Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Westgate.

Ms. Clark has always been interested in art and began studying it seriously when she was in high school, continuing in college with a minor in the subject. Her bright, bold images seem to leap off the canvas in celebration, whether they depict abstract images of landscapes, animals, emotions, and concepts or are more realistic but still stylized pictures of everyday objects, such as pitchers and musical instruments.

Ms. Fier’s work comprises acrylic paintings on canvas and monotypes painted on plexiglass and then hand-printed on dampened printing paper. She creates abstractions of landscapes and other subject matter as well as more realistic-looking landscapes. The artist states on her website, “Currently my work is about conveying a mood from my impressions of nature.  I do this by using elements of color, light and shadow and at times by abstracting the shapes I see in a particular place that has inspired me…As I begin each painting I try to paint what I’m feeling toward my subject matter knowing that intuitively my foundation (experiences, techniques, materials) will all coalesce into my final work.”

Charlotte Clark and Jane Fier’s artwork will be displayed at Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Westgate through September 24. You can see their online galleries at https://www.facebook.com/pg/ClarkImages/posts/?ref=page_internal and http://www.janefier.com/home.