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Art Party | Ann Flemings & Mary Jo Kennard | Monday, May 22, 5-7 PM

By May 4, 2017Uncategorized

The work of local artists Ann Flemings and Mary Jo Kennard is now up on the walls at Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Duval!

Ms. Flemings, who has been painting since age seven, is now in her second year of working full-time as an artist. Her website describes her as “an acrylic painter who loves creating abstract art inspired by the natural world.” She is known for textured landscape and quilted-mosaic imagery, as well as linear geometric pieces that represent “an attempt to bring order to [her] life.” Recently, she has begun applying digital techniques to her geometric paintings.

Ms. Kennard is inspired to paint by looking at the work of artists from previous generations as well as her contemporaries, and she draws upon elements from those works to create her own unique images. “The paint quality, color, and composition are what it’s all about in my work,” she states on her website. “The subject matter can be anything, using whatever I have on hand or see out my window.” Ms. Kennard’s paintings depict interiors, landscapes, flowers, still lifes, and human figures; recently, she has been working on a series of large paintings of doors.

The artwork of Ann Flemings and Mary Jo Kennard will be on display at Hyde Park Bar & Grill at Duval through June 4. An Art Party is scheduled for May 22 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. Join us for the Art Party, or come in another time to see the breadth and depth of these talented Austin artists!

You can see more of Ann Flemings’s work at http://flemingsart.com/ and more of Mary Jo Kennard’s work at http://www.maryjokennard.com/index.html.