Nice Things People Have Said About Us:

No word describes the Hyde Park Bar & Grill better than “comfort.” The extensive menu features a range of items to please everyone, from dedicated carnivores to kids to those just looking for a light bite. The relaxed ambience makes an ideal backdrop for midday business meetings, date nights, family gatherings and girls’ nights out alike.

–  Spike Gillespie in JetBlue

At Hyde Park Bar & Grill, fried chicken has turned the restaurant world’s slowest nights into an occasion.
Austin 360

A “burger” night for me hinges on great fries. This is where Hyde Park B&G nailed it home for me – long, perfectly crispy fries that have been dipped in Buttermilk before being fried. I flat out inhaled them.
– In Search Of Dessert

The Food… and the fries!

Dining at Hyde Park Bar & Grill – FAQ

Do you take reservations?

  • Yes, some reservations are now available via RestaurantConnect — go HERE for the Central location on Duval and HERE for the South location on Westgate.  Note that reservations are not always available during peak times and that we often cannot hold your table for more than the industry standard 15 minutes past your reserved time.

Do you have any offerings that are . . .

  • Vegetarian? Yes! Look for items marked with “V” on menu.
  • Vegan? Yes!Look for items marked with “VE” on menu.
  • Gluten-Lite? Yes!Look for items marked with “GL” on menu — those are made with 100% gluten-free ingredients. We don’t claim Gluten Free because we don’t operate a Gluten Free kitchen.


What’s the price range?

  • Meals run from about $10 to $20.

Is your beef . . .

  • hormone-free?  Yes.  Anti-biotic free?  Yes.

Do you have a full bar?

  • Yes, and a great wine selection with all wines available by the glass.    We also have local and nationally-branded beers.

What non-alcoholic beverages do you offer?

  • Rainwater (actual rainwater) in a bottle, Hibiscus Mint Tea, Homemade Lemonade,  I.B.C. Root beer & Cream Sodas, Hank’s Premium Sodas (Orange Cream or Black Cherry), Haake Becks Non-Alcoholic Beer, plus Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

  • Yes.
Do you offer gift cards?
  • Sure we do! You can purchase them in person or by phone at either of our two great locations.

Do you do catering?

  • Not at this time.

Can we have a meeting or event there?

  • Yes, you can have small (5-20) group meetings in semi-private areas at our Duval location.
  • At our Westgate location, the patio is available for private events and we have semi-private areas that work well for meetings of 6 to 30 as well.

Anything for kids?

  • Yes, we have several items for kids,  all stuff kids like.  (Many of us have kids, too.  Some of us were actually kids ourselves once.)

What about the Art?

  • We love to feature the work of area artists.   The shows change about every 6 weeks and we do our best to have a reception for the artist(s) for each show.  Our art is curated by Anne Ducote.  Contact Anne for information on buying art or showing your work.   anneducote [at] me [dot] com

How about Music?

  • In 2009 we began showcasing music on the patio at Westgate, on Sunday and Tuesday evenings, weather permitting.   For booking, contact hydeparkbarandgrill [ at ]  Occasionally we’ll have one more night of entertainment — a Staff Pick.  It may be music, comedy, Karaoke, or something else entirely.  You never know what the HPB&G’ers will come up with.  Stay tuned!

More Info

Take Out Tips:

Everything’s available for take out for a $.50 per item take-out fee.   Some items travel much better than others, however!  (Our famous fries, for example, are much better when they’re eaten hot & fresh in the restaurant.)  We’re happy to recommend items for take out.

Fun Facts:

  • We make all our desserts on premises.
  • Speaking of dessert, Bon Appetit wrote up our Wom Kim’s Peach Pudding.   Yes, we will give you the recipe.  But it’s easier if you let us make it for you.
  • Our lunch & dinner specials and desserts change daily.  We have some favorites that are always offered on certain days, but we like variety, too.
  • Our meats are top-quality, free of antibiotics, hormones and other weird stuff.  Try the all natural, grass fed Bastrop Cattle Company beef for a real treat.
  • Tony’s Southern Comfort Fried Chicken really is worth writing home about.
  • For Vegetarians, we have several delicious options — and we don’t mean just salads.  Try our house-made veggie burger or one of our vegetarian pastas.   The Sweet Corn and Cheese Tamales is one of our most popular appetizers.
  • We use trans-fat free soybean oil and we change our oil every shift.   We also recycle it.
  • Our Sides are worth mentioning.  The Mac & Cheese is just like you’ve always wanted mac & cheese to be — made with 3 kinds of cheese & heavy cream.  The green beans are steamed and unaltered the way Nature made them.   The secret to the Collard Greens is that they’re lightly seared in Bacon.  The secret to the Bacon is that it’s bacon.  The BBQ Broccoli doesn’t mean it’s got BBQ sauce on it — just that it’s seasoned and grilled to perfection.
  • Our brunches are delicious.   Sunday brunches are busier than Saturdays.
  • We view the Health Department as our friend.  Who else is going to come to your restaurant and advise you on how to do things better so that your customers and employees remain safe & healthy?  Our ratings are consistently excellent.
  • The Fork was manufactured by the same guy that now provides us with bottled Rainwater.   Life has a way of coming full circle.

What’s up with those Fries?

You’ll either love ‘em or you won’t.  Most do.  The secret is the buttermilk.  Or maybe the seasoned flour.  Although it could be the oil, or the potatoes themselves.  We’ve been trying to put our finger on exactly what makes them so good since 1982.  Let us know what you think it is.

About That Fork: A History of Hyde Park Bar & Grill

Back in 1982, Corpus Christi native and UT alum Bick Brown was ready to open his own restaurant. He’d worked for some of the most innovative restaurateurs in Austin, including Mike Young and John Zap of Gianni’s and Chuy’s.

He spotted a shockingly pink, rather run-down old house on Duval with a red & white Coca Cola sign out front that had once housed Armen’s Aremenian Food. The interior was even more unusual than the outside. But to Bick’s eyes it screamed “potential.”

Teaming up with John Woolsey, Bick enlisted architect Robert Smith to help him move from vision to reality.In time, the old home’s essential character was revealed, with a beautiful copper bar inside and dark ship-lap wood on the walls, ideal for setting off the work from area artists that Bick wanted to showcase along with the delicious food he had in mind. Because of sign ordinances in the area, designer Billy Glover brainstormed with Bick and artist Richard Heinichen to come up with an idea.

The three decided that a giant fork would be just the ticket.

The fork created an immediate landmark, and Hyde Park Bar & Grill opened September, 1982. Not long after, artist Dale Whistler began creating various art pieces and accouterments for the Fork — a few which can be seen here. The French fries took center stage early on, winning many Austin Chronicle awards, and the menu was then, as it is now, eclectic and fun, combining comfort food, bistro fare, and vegetarian entrees.

From the beginning, a focus on wine — making nearly everything available by the glass, was another hallmark.

The original location is still going strong today, and in 2006, the south location opened, serving all the great folks in South and West Austin.

The Folks

We pride ourselves on the length of time many of our team and vendors and friends have been associated with us.  Some have worked with us continually from the date listed, others have taken different paths from time to time, but have returned.


  • Bick Brown — owner since 1982
  • Erika Brown — owner, since 1990
  • Keith Pennington, GM, the Westgate location, since 1982
  • Richard Dickinson, GM, the Duval locations, since 1992
  • Phillip Lewis, Executive Chef, 2015
  • Tony Herring, Chef & Creator of Tony’s Southern Fried Chicken — friend of Hyde Park since 1991
  • Jason Anderson, Duval Manager, since 2001
  • Patrick Marechal, Duval Manager, since 2003

Key Staff, Partners & Associates

  • David Abel, since 1982
  • Erin Cloke, since 2005
  • Lucy Frost (PR),  friend of HPB&G since 1982
  • Dwayne Herring, since 1989
  • Janet Huston (advertising), since 2008
  • Jeff Leon,  since 2000
  • Carol Park, since 1992
  • Brook Sefton (graphics & advertising), since 1998


We love our Austin community. Over the years, we’ve donated over $20 thousand in gift cards to worthy causes. If you are fund-raising for a 501 C3 organization, we will be happy to consider a donation.  Kindly download & print this DONATIONS PDF, fill it out and mail it to: 4206 Duval St. Austin, TX. 78751.


Donation & Sponsorship requests are reviewed monthly. Please print DONATIONS PDF, fill it out and mail it to:
4206 Duval St. Austin, TX. 78751